A Recap of Travis Scott’s Look Mom I Can Fly Documentary

Summer 2018 had a lot of music releases we are still talking about this year. One of the most popular and anticipated ones was Travis Scott’s ASTROWORLD which arrived after a huge promo run and had its own share of controversy that came after its release too. A year later we have now gotten Look Mom I Can Fly, A Netflix Documentary that showcases the tour that followed the release of ASTROWORLD, his Super Bowl performance from this year (2019), his night at the Grammys and everything behind the scenes before, during, and after all this. 

Many people have called this documentary inspiring and this is a take I think we call can agree on. In the documentary’s opening moments we see a young braidless Travis performing in a daytime slot at a festival for a crowd of about 30 people. Moments later we are treated to multiple shots of him performing in sold out arenas across the US, including Madison Square Garden. This journey took him about 5 years. The cliche “trust the process” fits here perfectly. Nowadays success can literally happen overnight but usually the hard work still needs to be put in. Those who deserve it, work for it. 

In “beibs in the trap” from Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight Travis croons “Pulled out of the hood Toyota/Drove back to the hood Lambo”. This flex takes on another layer when we see him leave his Granny’s house in his instantly recognizable chocolate brown Lamborghini. Seeing them at the house as he shows us his old bedroom is especially satisfying as Travis has referred to his family in lyrics and interviews his entire career. Hearing these lyrics then seeing them in the documentary singing his praises in home videos when he was a child to still singing them now just brings it all full circle. Family should always support you and ride for you the entire journey. 

Just like the family aspect, the community aspect is equally important to him. Essentially the terms are interchangeable. The city of Houston officially declared November 18th 2018 “Astroworld Day” following the success of the AstroFest event held there. Travis spoke at the ceremony saying “…I kinda just wanted to bring back that feeling and give this city something they could always have, just something fun to do. They try to take us away, but as long as we stick together and create, we don’t need nothin’ special, as long as we got each other.” Right after this we see backstage footage from 2017 where Travis’ high school principal and counselor show up and you can see how he truly feels indebted to them as he says he would not have graduated without them. Lastly, at his Houston stop on the AstroWorld Tour he was awarded the key to the city by the Mayor during the show. It’s safe to say Travis has some sort of impact on anyone he comes in contact with.

The ONLY gripe I had with this documentary was how little in studio footage there was. For music as layered as Travis’ a glimpse of the process for any track is definitely welcomed. The clip of him in there with Kevin Parker of Tame Impala listening to the “SKELETONS“ instrumental AND ending with him playing the early version of “ASTROTHUNDER“ was fantastic for sure. Another great moment was him laying the foundation for “BUTTERFLY EFFECT” in the car after getting off the plane then continuing in the studio. Unfortunately , moments like these were few and far between. Although, we are able to see him hear the final version of “NO BYSTANDERS” and see his excitement there’s nothing like the raw in studio footage. 

The footage from the Grammys was easily the most vulnerable moment from the documentary. After performing a slightly modified version of the solemn yet excellent “STOP TRYING TO BE GOD” and an unforgettable hype “NO BYSTANDERS” Travis eagerly awaited the winner of the Album of the Year Award. There were multiple cameras pointed at him and with Kylie by his side Travis stood on standby ready to go on stage…

His name was not called.

As we all know Travis is an extremely expressive person but upon hearing Cardi’s name his semi subdued yet clearly frustrated reaction and walkout echoed what a great deal of people felt that night.  However the Mayor of Houston had the perfect response saying “Sometimes you don’t get what you want, but you don’t stop “ and I believe this is advice we can all take. 

In the midst of all of these musical accomplishments, Travis also had a daughter with his girlfriend (or wife?) Kylie Jenner. Named Stormi, Travis threw her a birthday party called “Stormi World” which included rides, snacks and live performances for her and her guests. While some may call it excessive for a toddler, we already know Travis goes all the way in with everything. He also has Stormi as a producer on the documentary – so she’ll be making bank off it too. 

Look Mom I Can Fly has the perfect title. Travis has catapulted himself to success and has done so by staying true to himself and making music that resonates with listeners all over the world. This documentary shows that he is a force to be reckoned with and isn’t someone to just graze over when discussing impactful artists. From having a daughter to performing at the Super Bowl to shaping an entire album, tour, and festival around something birthed in his hometown Travis is Flying High and has passed the stars…where will he go next?

Writing has always been Paul’s passion. His ultimate dream is to become a best selling author but, that journey begins here! He also loves movies, music, and food (eating it more than cooking it!). He says he tends to gravitate towards action and some dramas but, can also really get into a psychological thriller. Being an open minded individual, he literally listens to ALL kinds of music, so he has favorite artists across multiple genres.

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