With Recent Nominations Beyonce Has Chance to Add to Legacy

With the her recent Emmy nominations, Beyonce has the chance of going the elite EGOT class. The EGOT, standing for Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony, signifies those who have won an award in from each of those categories. As of now there are on 15 winners who are EGOT, with Beyonce having the chance of becoming the 16th member. Her Emmy nominations for her film Homecoming are in the categories of outstanding writing for a variety special, outstanding music direction, and outstanding costumes for a variety special, outstanding special, outstanding costumes for a variety and outstanding production design for a variety special. Along with her her six Emmy nominations, her sing “Spirit:, which is featured in the new Lion King adaptation, will have a very strong chance for her to grab an Oscar nomination next year. 

Throughout her career she has won 23 Grammy Awards and with this upcoming award season she will have the chance to take home a Emmy and Oscar award. That would leave her with needing to get a Tony award, which is an award that recognizes Broadway Productions. This will all remain to be seen, but with her recent nominations it makes it all the more plausible that Beyonce will add on her legacy. 

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Tyler Berry

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