I’ve Been In Love With Iamddb Since 2017 & Here’s Why You Should Be Too

I’ve been listening to Iamddb for the past two or three years. Like most people, I was put on by a *friend* of mine. I was always intrigued by Black music artists from the UK but was unsure where to really start. So this friend of mine sent me a song by Iamddb and from that moment, at least one of her songs stays on all of my playlists.

Iamddb shot by Scott Trindle for British Vogue

I remember vividly which song made me say “wow, yes this girl has something” — Leaned Out. She had the soul of Erykah Badu and bars of Lauryn Hill. So immediately I was drawn to her flow and versatility. Her music made me feel like the baddest bitch in the world and that men were a mere spec on my radar but then balanced me out with wanting to cuddle and smoke with my man. But that legendary balance comes from her Pisces sun. Yes, as you all know, I am a Pisces. “It’s mermaid season”, her famous intro and outro to most of her songs plays off of her water sign sun. So there may be some bias but I promise you, this girl is IT!

Aside from her musical talent, Iamddb, born Diana DeBrito, has proven she is also a fashion girl. With her clothing line “Hoodrich” names after her 4th EP, Ddb recently opened S—ply concept store with her designs on shelves and a space for fans to come and meet the artist.

Ddb is no stranger to going outside of the box with her looks. She’s done bleached blonde eyebrows, long blue braids, orange braids, and so forth. In fact, her hair styles is what truly makes her so relatable for me. As a Black girl, we’re constantly rocking protective styles like braids and twists and Iamddb has fully embraced these looks. Braided bobs, long individuals, rocking her afro, passion twists. As Black girls, we need that. We need to be reminded that the Black women we listen to share some kind of link with us.

Iamddb for British Vogue

Now let’s talk about why you’re really here. Her discography. Iamddb has released five (5), what she calls, volumes since 2016. Each project with its own theme and vibe throughout. So let’s break it down for you and then I’ll come back and give you my top five (5) songs.

  • Waeveybby – her first project released 2016. Waeveybby gives off new neo soul/hood jazz vibes. Six (6) songs of Ddb floating and harmonizing over beats that sound like a mix of early 2000’s neo soul, modern jazz, and deep bass.
  • Vibe – released in 2017, Vibe shows a side of Ddb that starts coming into play for the rest of her songs; her famous hood jazz lyrics. Giving off an arrogance that makes it known that she’s here to stay so get used to her.
  • Hoodrich – this is where we get the full effect of Ddb in her new state. Deeper beats, raunchier lyrics, more arrogance, more of the reason why she’s about to be the new IT girl coming out of the UK. You wanna be reminded how bad of a bitch you are? This is the EP for you.
  • Flightmode – now flight mode was a bit of a shift in Ddb’s discography. Still with fire lyrics but the vibe changes to something we’re more familiar with — the hood jazz vibe. The beats are more toned down. More harmonizing. More enjoying the art of the music. Similar to the vibe of “Pyramids” by Frank Ocean. Changes in sounds. Random mixes. Where the lyrics are pushed towards the back and the production of the beats are brought forward.
  • Swervvvvv.5 – her latest release (Feb 22, 2019). Swervx5 is a compilation of Ddb’s versatility. Staring off with her signature”Urban Jazz” sound (the first song is actually called Urban Jazz, too), Ddb takes us on a trip through the genre she created. After the first interlude, Ddb slides into some very ass shaking music. With “Sweg” and “Ass$s$”, those cocky lyrics come back. I listen to Sweg eight times a day with no remorse. Ending the project, mellows is down with R&B vibes. Vibes you listen to when you’re prepping for bae to come over. Vibes that sound amazing with a spliff.

So are you ready for my top 5? Alright so I originally had it in my mind to do one song from each project but I figured since Swervvvv.5 is my ultimate favorite project, I’ll switch it up a bit.

  1. Swervvvv.5 EP
  2. XOX (Flightmode)
  3. More (Hoodrich)
  4. Pause (Vibe)
  5. Childsplay (Waeveybby)

Now, I believe I’ve convinced you to at least listen to one song or even check out her Instagram. I truly believe Iamddb is the next music IT girl. When she becomes this, come back to this post and remember I told you so.

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