Let Your Fears Make You Fierce With Koya Webb

Although many of us don’t like to admit it, we come in contact with fear pretty often. Some defeat their fears, others may let their fears control them, but Koya Webb has made a way to turn your fears fierce. I got to speak with Koya on a sunny day in Atlanta as she enjoyed the California sun and waves of Marina Del Rey. With our three hour time difference, my day was coming to an end as her’s was only half way finished. Koya is the founder to the Get Loved Up platform which is a go to source for all things yoga, holistic health, and a vegan lifestyle. Now, Koya has taken a new title as the author of “Let Your Fears Make You Fierce”. When she created Get Loved Up, Koya reflects on when she didn’t love herself and how she felt she didn’t fit in for many reasons. “It took me a long time to really love myself. Get Loved Up came about for myself because I would love other people and thought that’s what I need for them to love me back and that’s what I needed. Then I realized that no one is going to love you. It’s up to you to love you”.

Before we dove into the meat of interview, Koya mentioned she was able to successfully get through her morning routine. “Well, what does that look like for you”? “When I first wake up, I take a moment of gratitude. Just relaxing and thinking of things I’m grateful for. Then I’ll write in my gratitude journal and I have a gratitude prayer I do with my students. I usually like to do a run — a mile a day. I ran by the water and I’ve been traveling a lot and I don’t always have water to run by. It’s always nice when I can go in nature and connect with nature”. Koya then gives good tips to balance your time on technology and your time in nature. “We are one with nature”, she states, “balance it out with some nature and work on your spiritual health”. After her run she usually meditates for 20 minutes, followed by a 60 minute yoga flow, then some days I’ll go to the gym, have a morning smoothie, and starts her day.

This June, Koya will be releasing her book titled “Let Your Fears Make You Fierce” and for me that’s what drew me to this book. How do we make our fears make us fierce? “After studying the course of miracles, There are two main emotions in life: love and fear. When you’re in fear, you can’t be in love. The two can’t coexist. Whenever I found myself in fear, how can I get to this fierce state where I know I’m my most powerful self? When I’m in love, I’m fierce. When I’m in fear — fear, doubt, worry, judgment, all of that holds me back. Let your fears make you fierce is all about turning those fears around. When you get loved up, you can then be fierce”.

At one point in time or another, we let fear take the wheel. Maybe without even realizing it. So I followed up with asking how do we overcome those fears and setbacks and Koya had an amazing answer. “There’s no one size fits all solution. Find what ways work for you that bring you peace of mind. So when you get that peace of mind, you’ll listen to your soul through meditation. Meditation would be my first step. I believe in the father, son, and the Holy Spirit and I believe the Holy Spirit is our guide. We leave this body and we still have a soul and our soul guides us. We get thrown off by things outside of ourselves — friends, family, social media try to tell us what they think is right for us. But we have the answer right inside of us and meditation helps us tap into that”. In her book, Koya discusses how powerful meditation can be such as pranayama which is breath work, things you can do to reduce stress. Being able to tune a lot of that out and be able to listen to our souls can calm us down including a lot of the anxiety and stress many of us deal with on a daily basis. Healing from past trauma, connecting with the Holy Spirit that is within, and make the steps to connect with themselves is Koya’s goal.

Koya and I shared our love for affirmations. Affirmations help you to speak out loud what you want and train your mind to believe it. Once you are able to believe it and change your mindset, you begin to change a lot of your actions in such a positive way. “I have an affirmation in every chapter of my book! It helps your mental health. Affirmations help us focus on the positive and when we focus on the positive we can really get past the noise and the negativity. My favorite affirmation is: I release all of the limiting beliefs that block me from my greatness”. Now, I had to take a moment to write that down. We tend to make excuses for a lot of things we aren’t doing and these excuses block us from what we can and should be in life. “Step into your peace. Step into your confidence”.

I always wanted to write a book. I love reading. I love knowledge. I love information. I knew I wanted to write a book and I was receiving so much information that I wanted to share but I always thought ‘what if this changes next year? I’m not good enough to share!’. So I had that perfectionism that as my road block. I was procrastinating a lot. So I needed to stop. I got my publisher and they wanted to tell my personal story of trauma! I was like ‘oh no! I just wanted to share my affirmations, meditation, yoga!’. But they said ‘well, how are people going to know this works? You have to share your personal story’”. Koya shared how the process of her going back to face a lot of the old trauma brought up old feelings. She eventually had to get help with writing her book because she so used to speaking. Once she got all of her story out and transcribed it, she was able to structure it the way she wanted. “I went through and I’m still going through a phase of healing after going through my entire life and revisiting the old trauma”. Going through this healing process, she realizes that she has to go through another process because some of the things she thought was healed, wasn’t once she revisited it. “Wounds need air and sometimes you cover it up and it hasn’t healed. you’re just protecting that would but not doing the work to heal it. In my book I talk about community and your team because you should be able to communicate, share, and support because I think that’s the real healer. I tell people you have to reveal it to heal it. It was difficult but I use my story to help other people go through their transitions”.

Being able to sit back and analyze what areas you should adjust and work on is a way to improve your self care and self awareness. Koya suggested doing a check in with yourself and rate where you are in each area of life. “If you give yourself less than a five, then you definitely need work and may need outside help. If you’re around the seven and eight area, it’s probably something you can do yourself. For example, if your health is not gong so well then you might want to improve your diet. If your fitness isn’t great, I recommend everyone to just walk a mile a day. If it’s spiritual, you might want to meditate or go to a spiritual center. You want to just connect. All of us have well intentions and all of us get caught up in different things and certain areas of our lives start to fall off. Once you do the assessment, you’re able to see what you should work on”.

After speaking with Koya, I began diving into Let Your Fears Make You Fierce and created my own self assessment chart to help with my personal life. The words Koya spoke that day stuck with me as I jotted tons of things down in my journal but also her energy resonated with me. Koya has married transparency and the ability to teach perfectly and her book Let Your Fears Make You Fierce reflects that. Be sure to follow Koya on her Instagram at @KoyaWebb and make sure you get loved up with her at @GetLovedUp.

Let Your Fears Make You Fierce: How to Turn Common Obstacles into Seeds of Growth comes out June 11th, 2019

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