Black Women And Fashion Takeover

Who doesn’t want to support black businesses? More specifically, who wouldn’t want to support black female owned boutiques? Here are five black female owned boutiques that you need to check out ASAP!

Who doesn’t want to support black businesses? More specifically, who wouldn’t want to support black female owned boutiques? Here are five black female owned boutiques that you need to check out ASAP! They’re all different from one another and one might be the right fit for you.

1. Charley’s Closet

Via Instagram

Owner: Charley Moné York

Location: Online

Prices: $7.99–$42.00 (in “Apparel”)

Type: Night/Day Out

This online boutique’s owner is Charley Moné York. York’s vision, according to the Charley’s Closet website, “is to create a brand that is affordable, comfy, and chic.” York also stated, “Whether you’re going on a business trip or to a nightclub, Charley’s Closet has all of your clothing needs.” York began her boutique in college and has recently graduated. York’s online boutique features dresses, matching sets, pants, and more. The sizes offered in her clothing are small, medium, and large. The style of clothing provided is best for those who want to find clothes to wear to any event during the day or night––cookouts, clubs, bars, beaches…you name it!

Interested? You can check out Charley’s Closet here:

2. Curve Conscious


Owner: Adrienne Ray

Location: Philadelphia/Online

Prices: $12–$18 (in “Tops)

Type: Plus Size/Thrift

The owner of this plus size resale boutique is Adrienne Ray. According to the Curve Conscious website, Ray created this boutique “after being frustrated for years with local consignment, resale and thrift shops for their lack of plus-size clothing options.” Ray’s mission for Curve Conscious was “to provide an exclusive space where plus-size women can feel safe and comfortable, while they shop and sell gently used items in great condition.” Ray’s boutique offers shoes, accessories, and clothing such as outerwear, skirts, and tops. Sizes of the clothes range from 12 to 28. Curve Conscious also provides private shopping sessions. This boutique is perfect for plus size women who need a little more body positivity in their life and who want to go thrift shopping while knowing they will definitely find clothing in their size. Curve Conscious is both in-store and online.

Interested? You can check out Curve Conscious here:

3. A.Z.R.I.E.L.

Via Instagram

Owner: Azrie’l Johnson

Location: Online

Prices: $25–$28

Type: Mom/Breastfeeding Positivity

This online boutique’s owner is Azrie’l Johnson. Johnson’s mission, according to the A.Z.R.I.E.L. website, is to create “a brand to support, educate, beautify, and encourage ALL women on their breastfeeding journey.” Johnson also stated, “I am passionate (zealous) about God, breastfeeding, helping mothers to feel beautiful, worthy, and enough.” Though the boutique is new and currently only offers a short sleeve V-neck T-shirt with “I Am Enough” written across its front, the sizes included for this tee range from small to 2X. This online boutique is for the mothers who want to feel confident in breastfeeding and feel beautiful as a mother.

Interested? You can check out A.Z.R.I.E.L. here:

4. Matte

Via Instagram

Owner: Briana Shaneé Wilson

Location: Online

Prices: $65–$85 (in “The Caution Basics”)

Type: Form-Fitting/Daring

Matte Brand owner, Briana Shaneé Wilson — according to Fader, Wilson “launched MATTE, a brand with must-have basics, inspired by her love for clothing with minimal design, femininity and comfort,” after moving to New York City in search of starting a modeling career. Fader also stated that her brand has even “been worn by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Karreuche and Draya.” Matte offers clothing in categories such as lace, fitness, and basics. Matte offers jumpsuits, bodysuits, matching sets, and more with sizes ranging from extra small to large. This online boutique is for those who enjoy form-fitting clothing and looks that will make you feel sexy.

Interested? You can check out Matte here:

5. Premme

Via Instagram

Owners: Gabi Gregg (Left) and Nicolette Mason (Right)

Location: Online

Prices: $25–$149 (in “Shop”)

Type: Plus Size/Fashion-Forward

This online boutique’s owners are Gabi Gregg, who is black, and Nicolette Mason. According to Premme’s website, “Premme was born out of a love of fashion and the recognition that the industry is still lacking when it comes to the wants and needs of plus size women.” The website also stated, “We believe babes of all sizes deserve bold, fashion-forward statement pieces without compromise.” Both Gregg and Mason have worked within the fashion industry as “fashion editors at InStyle and Marie Claire, design consultants and two of the first style bloggers…” Premme offers size guides on their website––one in centimeters, the other in inches. The sizes range from large to 6X, but in Premme sizes, a 0 is large and a 6 is a 6X. Premme also offers skirts, tops, jackets, and more. This online boutique is for plus size women who want to be trendy and express their personality through fashion.

Interested? You can check out Premme here:

Different people have different needs and wants when it comes to fashion, including styles, sizes, budgets, and a meaningful mission from the brand they’re buying from. Hopefully, one of these black female owned boutiques meets all of your needs and wants. And while you’re at it, check out and support the black female owned boutiques near you!

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