Running While Black

Experience running with people who look like you while breaking the stigma against Black people's health and raising awareness to the diseases in our community.

It’s important for Black people to find or create their own spaces in the world. We often have issues finding spaces where we enjoy unique experiences such as anime, cosplay, and science fiction. With all of these spaces created, we have found it difficult to find spaces in the running world. We did some digging and found a few groups specifically for Black men and women to be a part of.


RunGrl Co is a digital media and event platform for Black women to experience wellness in the form of running. Founded by Ashlee Lawson, Natalie Robinson, Dominique Burton, Jasmine Nesi, Stephani Franklin, and Na’Tasha Jones. RunGrl offers support and information for Black distance runners through their website and community events. Recently, their campaign #MyRunningHair embraced Black women’s versatile natural hair. Check them out on Instagram at @rungrlco or their website to learn more about attending an event.

Black Girls Run

BGR is a running group that aims to tackle the obesity epidemic in the Black community. Their mission is to make health and wellness a priority for Black women and break the stigma that Black women are unhealthy and unfit. The best thing about BGR is there is a bunch of subgroups in multiple cities. Whether you’re in Atlanta, Charlotte, or Philadelphia, there is a BGR chapter in your town. Find out more on their website and join your local chapter for free at and follow them on Instagram at @officialblackgirlsrun.

Black Men Run

Photo: @blackmenrun Instagram

Similar to their women counterparts, BMR is an all Black male running group. Fighting to tackle the heart disease and obesity in Black men, BMR encourages men to come together to run and jog for their health and in the name of brotherhood. Similar to Black Girls Run, BMR has various chapters in different cities that host running events. To stay up to date on Black Men Run, check out their site or follow them on Instagram at @blackmenrun.

National Black Marathoners Association

Photo: @blackmarathoners Instagram

NBMA is a nonprofit organization that supports Black distance runners. NBMA has been successful in awarding over $10,000 in scholarships to high school students for college. Founded in 2004 by Tiny Reed and Charlotte Simmons, NBMA is the longest standing running nonprofit for Black people. Stay up to date with NBMA on Instagram at @blackmarathoners and their website at

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