Self Care

4 Apps To Improve Your Self Care

Usually while we're on the go, we tend to place out self care on the back burner. These apps will help you improve your self care while on the run.

What is self care? Aside from retail therapy or treating ourselves to something good to eat. How do we heal from within and create a foundation of self consciousness and awareness? Most of us are constantly on the go and don’t have a moment to really create a physical space to journal, meditate, or analyze ourselves. Typically, we’re always on our phones or some kind of electronic device so I took a look into the Apple App Store to find some apps that could improve your self care practices on the go.

1. Jour – Jour is a journaling app that allows you to empty your thoughts on various topics such as combating anxiety, healing and growing, finding yourself, and self improvement. With each topic, there are session that asks questions and allow you to answer transparently. The cool thing about Jour is it allows you to put a lock on the app. People won’t be able to access your thoughts without your pass code or thumbprint if you have an iPhone.

2. Calm – My personal favorite is the Calm app. Calm is an app for sleep, meditation, and relaxation. With the multiple sound stories on the app, Calm allows you to fall into a deep meditative sleep through the night. Providing sounds of water falling, rain symphonies, and mild winds, these sounds have been shown to allow people to drift into meditation and relax their nerves and anxieties. 

3. Eternal Sunshine – Eternal Sunshine is the app that provides nothing but happy vibes. Filled with daily mantras, meditation exercises, poetry, and affirmation, Eternal Sunshine gives young people their daily dose of positive gems. Created by Londrelle Hall, a Black writer and poet from Atlanta, Ga

4. #SelfishBabe – Selfish Babe is the app for any woman ready to authentically live for herself and reclaim her life. Created by Olani Keeosi, Self Babe provides their very own podcast (SelfishTalk), community chats, a blog, and motivating videos for all women.



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