COLORS: Connecting Fans Through Unique Performances

With monotone colors and acoustic sounds, Colors Studios has created a space for artists to be creatively free and connect with their fans in a unique way.

If you’re not familiar with COLORS and you’re a music fan let me tell you something: you’re definitely missing out. COLORS is a web series on YouTube where talented music artists perform live with their raw vocals. But, the special part is when they perform the room, they’re in only has a suspended microphone and any instruments the artists or their band uses. Oh and there’s three walls and a floor. And they’re all one color. The color always matches the tone of the song or the outfit the artist is wearing. Some may think this is difficult to achieve but every single one I’ve seen has always fit perfectly. This stripped down presentation focuses all attention on the artist with no room for distractions.

COLORS is probably one of the best platforms for promotion of an artist as well as connecting that artist with fans both new and old. As I mentioned, their true home is YouTube but I know I’m not the only one who discovered COLORS via a Retweet. Through this, fans can show their admiration of an artist by tweeting the video of their performance. Other fans will of course retweet the video and before you know it, the mentions become filled with replies of “Who is this?” and just like that new fans are created. Sometimes the artist will premiere a new song on the platform and not release it until their upcoming album. This, once again, creates promo for the artist and the anticipation from their fanbase only makes the view and share count on the performance go up more and more. Seeing your favorite artist on COLORS is always a treat and a surprise. Seeing the preview the day before the video is uploaded gets fans excited and builds anticipation.

The monotone signature style of COLORS is definitely its claim to fame. The aesthetics are crisp and clean with excellent quality both not only visually but sonically as well. Another great aspect of COLORS is the variety of artists they have. Being that they are based in Berlin, Germany there are a lot of European artists showcased on the platform. However, there have been artists we in America know and love on there too such as Doja Cat, Rico Nasty, J.I.D, Gunna, and more. COLORS prides themselves on the variety of artists they showcase as their site says “All COLORS, no genres.”

Check out some of my personal favorite COLORS performances below!

April + VISTA


Kali Uchis

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