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The Social Media Cleanse and Its Benefits

Social media is a beneficial tool in today’s world but there are times it can be very heavy and very negative. Detoxing from social media can allow us to realign and refocus on the real world around us.

Taking a break from social media is something that we should do more often, it was something that I had been thinking about doing for a while and when the untimely death of Nipsey Hussle happened, that solidified my decision to take a break or at least scale back this past week. The energy that was followed by that news was nothing short of heavy and we all felt it. I had already been dealing with some shit so that was my cue. Today, we are consumed by social media, status, and building platforms. And in a society where creatives are dominating the workforce, being on social media is the mecca for networking and getting your work out to the world. Twitter and Instagram literally provide a free platform to get whatever message or photo that you feel compelled to share. Yeah, social media can be great for so many things but in that same breath, it can turn into something really dark, really fast. From celebrating or admiring someone to bullying. Inspiring content to videos that don’t belong on social media at all. There are layers to the world of social media and it’s very important to know when it’s time to disconnect for a mental reboot.

For a lot of people, it’s very easy to compare the lives of our own to the lives of people that we follow on social media. Admiring someone’s accomplishments or lifestyle can quickly snowball into wishing you had what they had. What needs to be remembered, is that everyone isn’t going to post their losses and failures on social media, only wins and highs. And because of that, I feel like it’s a personal responsibility to not allow ourselves to get so wrapped up in someones else’s life so much, that we lose sight of what we have going on. On my little break, I got to experience the impact of what a social media cleanse can really do for you.

Everyone isn’t going to post their losses and failures on social media, only wins and highs.


I was able to zone in on the things that I had been either neglecting to start or procrastinating to finish. Not refreshing my twitter and IG feeds (to essentially see the same pattern of content) kept me in check, it was actually very refreshing.

Anxiety, life transitions, vulnerability are moments when stepping away from social media is recommended.


Being aware and living in the present is undefeated, period. It’s a reminder of how fulfilling life was and still is without social media.


Ridding social media apps for a few days is self-care. It’s more time to love and learn yourself better. For those who suffer from anxiety and/or depression, it would behoove you not to take necessary breaks from the internet, when you know damn well you NEED to.

If you’re not sure if you should take a break and detox from social media, take a look at these signs that scream out, “CHILL!”

The first thing you do when you wake up is check your feeds

Get your life because sir or ma’am, that ain’t healthy. Did you even let your vision develop back to normal after your slumber? Like….

You’re invested in everyone else’s life, but not your own

This is something that I’ll never understand. What is that person doing for you? What is the contribution that you get from being too involved in someone’s life? That’s just weird, relax.

You develop intense separation anxiety from your phone. FYI, it’s possible to live life sans the internet yall. Life is happening.

Fear of missing out

Chances are whatever you “think” you missed out on, is and will always be around. It’s the internet, the immortal pit of information.

Out with people and focused on your phone

Now, this is just disrespectful and hella rude. Talk, engage!

Listen, I’ve been guilty of all of these acts so I’m not here to judge, I’m here to remind you that social media is not everything and shouldn’t be the first priority in your life. There’s nothing like personal interaction, with we should be careful not to neglect completely. When everything around you is loud enough, the last thing you need is more chaos. What we intake mentally and spiritually is something not to be taken lightly Curating my TL to images and things that only feed me positivity, encouragement, and inspiration is the best decision that I’ve made when it comes to social media interaction. So, what have we learned here? That whenever we feel like it’s time to fallback and disconnect from the world of social media, do that shit. Don’t second guess it, I promise it’s a guaranteed state of real peace.

Be good to yourself, Jenelle

1 comment on “The Social Media Cleanse and Its Benefits

  1. A great post – I love that people are now talking a bout the pros and cons of social media. Whilst I love that it has allowed me to do this blog, I have written a post myself today about how too much of our own self worth is tied up in social media.

    I love the idea of a social media cleanse – great post again 🙂


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