Battle Rap’s Own ‘Young Gattas’ On Why She Left The Battle Scene & What Lies Ahead

Young Gattas, currently residing in the new entertainment mogul city of Atlanta, is a female rapper who took the battle-rap scene by storm in 2009.  Her first appearance on Grind Time via WorldStarHipHop attained over 20k views, while she currently totals over 2 Mil views in battles altogether.

Arriving to the venues with straight hair and eyeliner, Gattas used this tactic to steer her opponents away from the attacks on her tomboyish appearance. Gattas quickly evolved into her own style however, depicting masculine attire with gritty rap bars to match. Known for riotous punchlines and wordplay, it was easy for Gattas to gain a fan base, making a name for herself in the battle rap industry on platforms like KOTD, Queen Of The Ring, Smack, and others.

Born and raised in Chicago, Gattas frequented back and forth between the Chi and Indianapolis during High School. Growing up, she credits her Grandma for her exposure to different genres of music.

“My grandmother would play a lot of weird stuff. Like, when we’d clean the house on Sundays, we’d listen to like, Queen and Celine Dion. Not really what black people would listen to” , she explains.

Ironically, growing up Gattas was into sports and not music. She didn’t become interested in pursuing a career in rap well after her High School graduation.

“I never knew until now. I was always dipping and dabbing in it until now. I haven’t put 100 percent into it until now, cause like, just look at the competition!” Gattas exclaims amusingly.

She dropped a mixtape in 2012 at the peak of her career entitled Belly of the Beast that she released on DatPiff. She notes some of the women in rap that she’s currently listening to: Rico Nasty, Tierra Whack, and Rhapsody to name a few. Even though Gattas took a short hiatus from the battle rap scene, she’s excited to jump back in at the top of 2019.

“I took a break from battle rap. The battle rap industry was becoming less about talent and I just fell back.” she explains.  She’s back on the battle scene in 2019, while also scheduling the release of her EP “No Favors” in May.

Gattas mentions her upcoming EP to be executive produced by DJ Brad of the Atlanta Coalition DJ’s. She’s also one of the featured rappers on the jingle for Atlanta’s very own Slutty Vegan.

“It was a contest! Slutty Vegan held a jingle contest. We went down to the truck the night before and shot a quick video. They let people decide in the comment section who the winners were, and we won.”

The food truck has caught the attention of celebrities like Tyler Perry, Big Boi, Jermaine Dupri and more. Young Gattas performed the jingle live for it’s guests at it’s opening to their Atlanta brick and mortar restaurant location in January.


Keep up with Young Gattas and learn more by following her on Instagram.

Lauren Lacey

Lauren Lacey is a freelance writer, blogger, and self published author from Brooklyn, NY, currently residing in Atlanta, GA. You can follow her on Instagram via @xlaurenlacey

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