Virgil Abloh Previews Off-White’s Fall/Winter 2019 Collection At Paris Fashion Week

Virgil Abloh, the founder of Off-White––the Italian streetwear and luxury fashion label that was ranked as the world’s hottest brand in late 2018 by the Lyst Index––revealed Off-White’s Fall/Winter 2019 collection at Paris Fashion Week.

In Paris, Off-White mainly showcased their Men’s FW19 collection, which was titled “Public Television”. According to Vogue, Abloh said “he was making the point that, at least for those of us who grew up watching TV, the barrage of ads and images were actually forming our environment and shaping our view of the world.”

In the Off-White Men’s FW19 Runway Show, green screens were used to display various images and videos as the models walked along dirt covered pathways and a floor covered by––you guessed it––green screens. The aesthetic of the men’s collection was news reporter meets ‘90s street style. The collection featured enlarged blazers, button-up shirts, blue to orange ombréd drawstrings, cowboy boots, sneakers and baggy denim jeans reminiscent of the ‘90s.

Another item featured in the show was the puffer coat.

Offset–-one of the three rappers in Migos––sported a large, long lilac puffer coat with blue to orange ombréd drawstrings hanging from his pants. His look also included layered chains, sunglasses and Off-White sneakers.

Another rapper who modeled for the show was Playboi Carti. Playboi Carti walked in a black sweatshirt with “OFF” in lime green text on the front. White illustration was also on the front and back of the sweatshirt. He wore lime green baggy pants and held a lime green bag with a strap displaying the Off-White logo in all caps in his left hand. Carti’s outfit––as well as the other models who wore lime green outfits––often blended into the green screen used for the show.

Although the show mainly featured the men’s collection, Abloh made sure to include pieces from the Women’s Pre-Fall 2019 collection. The women’s collection has a business meets high school sports aesthetic with fringe and floral patterns tossed in every now and then. This isn’t too much of a surprise since the collection was titled “Do You Cheer”.

The few pieces featured in the show from the women’s collection included the floral catsuits, long button-up shirt dresses and fringe boots.

Some of the male and female models sported football helmets as they walked, tying in the sports aesthetic of the women’s collection with the news reporter look of the men’s collection. There were many black and grey outfits displayed in the show, but outfits with pops of color including bright orange, yellow and green were also seen.

In the end, Abloh jogged out from behind the scenes to take center stage wearing a black hoodie with a lime green shirt underneath, matching the models who ended the show in their lime green outfits.

The Off-White Men’s FW19 Runway Show is now streaming on Off-White’s website.

Jaida Sterling

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