#NewMusicFriday: What You Need To Hear

After a much needed break #NewMuiscFriday has returned. We got some singles before today however it’s album time now.

After a much needed break #NewMuiscFriday has returned. We got some singles before today however it’s album time now. As always we’ve got a variety of moods and styles for you to choose from. Let’s get into it.

The WIZRD – Future

I guess Future didn’t get the memo about long albums we sent in 2018. However with only three features (Travis Scott, Young Thug and Gunna) within the 20 track project maybe this is what his fans would want. He already received scrutiny for both the title and cover for the project, drawing comparisons to Kid Cudi and looks to lay them to rest with the music on the project. However this week Future revealed in an interview with Rob Markman that the project is actually dedicated to his deceased Uncle who called him The Wizard so this makes it much more than just another Future project.

Assume Form – James Blake

Most of us were made aware of James Blake via his features on “King’s Dead” and “Stop Tryng To Be God”. Personally I thought his vocals were spectacular on both songs and am eager to hear what he can do on his own with this album. After doing a little research I can say that apparently this album does not sound like his previous work. This however does not come as a shock as he’s got Travis Scott, Andre 3000 and Metro Boomin as credited features on this while previously never working with anyone in the hip hop lane on his solo albums. If you’re curious about this one, go ahead and peep it. You might hear something you like.

Keanu Reeves – Logic

Okay I know I said it was album time but this is a single. Also, I know you might want to exit off this page because Logic is on here. But hear me out. This song is actually fire. After skyrocketing to success with 1-800 and using that to capitalize on the release of the album YSIV it’s safe to say Logic is on everyone’s radar now for one reason or another. This song has a mix of hot bars and ones that are a little…meh but overall a dope fun song that’s accessible for the casual fans and still dope in it’s own way to a long time listener like me.

All of these are available on streaming services now!

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