How DJ Miss Milan Is Mastering The Music Industry And Leaving Her Footprint

It’s no secret that the music industry has been held by men for many years. But let’s be clear, Black women have always been and always will be the blueprint. Today women like DJ Miss Milan are taking the industry by storm and invading male dominated spaces.

We were able to catch up with Miss Milan to discuss her journey into DJ-ing, making her mark in the music industry and she even gives young girls advice to break into music. When she was younger, Miss Milan has always been deeply into music. From singing to writing, she knew she was meant to enter the music world. “I decided I wanted to be a DJ when I wanted to do something outside of my comfort zone”, Milan states.

“At this point, I don’t think we even care or feel a need to be accepted because women, especially black women, have been the blueprint to what’s hot in music to begin with because it always been centered around us”, Milan states when asked about the acceptance of black women as DJs. A lot of women on the DJ end of the music industry have made a huge impact including Kitty Cash, Coco and Breezy, and DJ Hourglass. It’s no surprise that at this point in society, women are no longer looking for approval from their male counterparts for acceptance. When asked what advice she would give a young, black girl who is seeking to enter the music industry, this is what Milan had to say: “Listen sis, don’t ever think for a short second that you can’t do what God intended for you to do, be smart, stay focus and get yours, sis. There is no real blueprint to this honestly but you won’t know how far you could’ve made it unless you start right now!”.

If you’ve been paying close attention to New York artists who have come out in the past 2-3 years, New York has really been creating new artists who are creating a different NY sound than what we’re used to. There’s been a ton of newcomers who are taking New York by storm and representing their city the way we all love to see New York represented. “I feel proud honestly because for awhile New York had been getting a lot of slack for not having support within the city but these last artists in the past like 2-3 years like GS9, 2 Milly, A Boogie, Casanova, Smooky Margielaa as well as newcomers like  Sheck Wes, Flipp Dinero, Lil TJ, Maliibu Mitch, Kyah Baby, Crystal Caines, Connie Diiamond and Cardi B & others have been making a lot of noise in the city and it’s good to see New York artist get the love they deserve because there’s no city like it to be honest. We just have a certain thing about us that no one else has so when one wins, we all win”, Milan states when we asked her opinions on the new New York talent.

Many artists and creatives have space that they have created for them when it’s time to get in their zone and create their magic. When creating her mixes, Milan likes to create certain vibes for her space. For instance, when she’s creating her “Bedroom R&B” mixes, she’s usually in her R&B bag heavily. “If I want to create a trap mix, I’m basically in the trap house,” she jokes, “but you know what I mean, I’m in that space heavy to create the mix I want”. Speaking of music genres, Milan shares that her favorite genre to use on her sets are usually old school R&B songs since a lot of the songs are being sampled in today’s music. “I never limit myself on the type of music I play, I want to be able to create a vibe with whatever genre I’m playing. Whatever is giving the best feeling at the time is what I will go with always because for me, music is a feeling!”.

Milan has definitely had her share of exciting events where she DJed, but she remembers Meek Mill’s album, Wins and Loses” release event. “They turned the whole area into a dirt bike ramp park with actual cyclist and famous dirt bike riders and it was just super cool to experience”. If you can’t catch Milan at one of her many events, she has curated a playlist on all streaming platforms called “GirlGvng” where she shares music from all female artists of today and yesterday. You can find her playlist and much more information on her website

Amani Allen-Beale

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