Joc Traylor Shares His Vision For Creatives After Dark, Talks About Atlanta’s Talents, And Shares His Keys To Success

Atlanta. The mecca for all things music and entertainment and now the creative scene. With so much talent popping up on the spot, Joc has his hands on everything in Atlanta that pertains to talent in music, media, and art. When he saw certain artists weren’t being booked for shows, he knew he had to change the game. With his platform Creatives After Dark, he did just that. Creatives After Dark was created as an anti-venue campaign since most venues wouldn’t rent to creative under 21. The artists Joc booked for his Creative After Dark engaged with the crowds and even went on to have successful careers.

Most people know Atlanta as the land of discovering new talent. We asked Joc what his favorite part about Atlanta’s growing creative scene is and this is what he had to say: “The upcoming creatives who haven’t broken out yet. Literally, in the last 5 years, I’ve seen people sharing food or homeless one day and signed to a major label the next. You never know what’s going to happen. Everybody is grinding and to see so many stars born out of all those venues with less than 200 people is amazing”. When asked about his events and what he loves most, he shared with us that it’s meeting the guests. “My first 3 shows I was the doorman. That’s why so many people know me now. Making sure the guests are good always makes a show memorable. I walk through the crowd to make sure the music is loud enough, seeing if everybody is lit, or waiting on their friends to come with them to turn up. Guest experience is really important to us”.

Paul: Do you feel there’s a disconnect between the perception of the Atlanta music scene as whole between people from there and people not from there? Why or why not?

“Yes 100%. This is the deal. These guys you see blowing up together in the city have known each other since middle school. For instance, Lil Baby grew up in my neighborhood. Young Thug was at all of our football games. It’s all connected. It’s a family vibe. Most people move here thinking it’s open arms but really it’s a huge misconception. Moving here and “networking” isn’t going to get you anywhere. Doing the work will. One thing about ATL is that we see everybody who’s really working. Once you really start making your own moves, everything will come together and you will meet everyone you want too. The situations will literally come out of nowhere. Stay out of the clubs. Stay out of studios if you’re not doing anything. Just do the damn work. Nobody moved here and blew up overnight. It’s always a missing story about struggling and late nights in every success”.

Joc gave all creatives his keys to success and some advice: “Put your head down and get it done. No excuses. Do good business and people will always remember you. Don’t burn bridges if you don’t have too. Never fear failing. Always look for ways to improve your business model. Look at losses as lessons. If you do this and you have a good product, everything should fall into place. Oh yeah, the 3 P’s. perseverance, prosperity, profit”. You can find Joc curating another memorable event in Atlanta or on his socials at @BigJocAtl and his website

Paul Barnes

Writing has always been Paul’s passion. His ultimate dream is to become a best selling author but, that journey begins here! He also loves movies, music, and food (eating it more than cooking it!). He says he tends to gravitate towards action and some dramas but, can also really get into a psychological thriller. Being an open minded individual, he literally listens to ALL kinds of music, so he has favorite artists across multiple genres.

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