Getting Cozy At The Fourtress

Beyond creating a business, these women have made it possible to live in NYC and seamlessly execute a brand that is nothing less than #BlackGirlMagic. Beyond the meetings, the events, the photo shoots, etc...there’s friendship, and we are so grateful for that.

Photo Credit: @VisualSavage

Moving can be a load of stress, especially straight after college. The Fourtress is a blog community composed by four NYC roommates. Tierra, Candice, London and Kiara have a pretty interesting story as to how they all met and wound up in the Big Apple.

Lauren Lacey: So, were you all friends before becoming roommates? How did you all meet?

The Fourtress: No actually! So Tierra and Candice are best friends and grads from Syracuse University. Tiara, born and raised in Vegas, knew Kiara during her teens being that Kiara is from the same hometown. Kiara later on went to Hampton University, where she met London, and somehow after graduating everyone ended up in NYC. After finding out that everyone was undergoing the apartment search at the same time (and happening on the perfect place equipped for four people as opposed to two), we all ended up becoming roommates. We actually have a post that explains it perfectly….because it’s a lot!

While the group met during a pretty disquieting time in their lives, the idea of starting a blog came about for other reasons.

LL: How did the idea of The Fourtress come about? What made you start it?

TF: Funny enough we were sitting on the couch one weekend (wine in hand), and just started talking about influencers, black women, our growth and the social media space as a whole – the end result was deciding to dive head first into creating a social space created for women of color, by women of color, that would not only highlight our journey, but also encourage others to join with us. It was born out pure spontaneity, dope black women…and wine, you cannot discount the wine.

As a group of millennial professionals, it was easy to decipher who would be contributing what, as they all work in social media/communications.

Tierra Taylor @tierrajtaylor

A Sin City Native — Tierra received her Bachelors of Science degree from Syracuse University and currently works as a Social Media Designer at Chase. A lover of matcha and entertainment, she’s also the Creative Director of the Fourtress and brings the group’s ideas to fruition. She makes graphics pop, is the queen of editing, creates shot lists, and is responsible for the look and design of The Fourtress as a whole.

Candice Elle Frank @candiceefrank

Originally from Pittsburgh, PA — Candice graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Television Production and currently works as the Social Media Coordinator for ABC’s daytime talk show, “The View.” She loves music, dancing, traveling, and anything Beyonce! She’s Caption Queen, aka Content Director, and is behind the tone you see on The Fourtress. She manages all content, gives direction for the blog’s Instagram stories, and edits video material.

London Coleman-Williams @londonjhane

Helming from the Mile High City — London graduated from Hampton University with B.A. in Strategic Communications and currently works an Associate Digital Strategist for a variety of lifestyle brands in the beauty and fashion space. She’s a lover of quotes, finds happiness in interior design and believes a good heel is always the answer. She’s The Fourtress’s PR Director and handles everything from general outreach and incoming inquiries, to creative pitch angles and partnerships.

Kiara Bass @itskbass

Originally from Las Vegas, NV — Kiara works as a Fashion Publicist for contemporary brands in NYC. She’s an avid listener of podcasts and enjoys reading up on social and tech trends. Kiara is also a alumna of Hampton University where she studied public relations and sociology. For the Fourtress, she serves as our Account Director, handling everything from agendas to time management in an effort to keep the team on track.

LL: Collectively, what is it that you hope to accomplish with The Fourtress brand? What has been achieved so far?

TF: There are very few outlets that showcase the growth and self-love of black women; we hope to accomplish that. We encourage women of color to bask in their melanin and fall in love with their journey. Our mission, Through the journey of four roommates, The Fourtress is a specially curated space that inspires, empowers, and unifies women of color to fulfill their purpose and stand in their power, is still our vision and we strive to capture that journey and all of its beauty.

One of our biggest accomplishments would have to be being active amongst our community. Serving others is all a part of the glow up, there is no glow if you aren’t uplifting others throughout the process. As a whole, we knew we wanted to give back, and of course, we know we wanted to help women, so we came up with #ProjectQueenV, which allowed us to packed 100 packages of feminine products for women experiencing homeless.

Even with common interests and hobbies, there is still the chance to become a little afflicted, living in the city that never sleeps. We were interested in learning on how the feisty four kept things harmonious over at The Fourtress.

LL: Living in NYC can be stressful within itself. How do you ladies balance work, school, friendship, the business, and everything else-under one roof?

TF: This is probably one of the two questions we get asked most – next to, “What do you have planned next?” The fact that The Fourtress is a passion project, birthed out of wanting to curate a space of all of the things we love, makes balancing the workload so much easier. We’re big advocates of the mantra, “Make your passion your paycheck,” and are doing our best to get there. We meet weekly, twice a week when we are working on a big project or collaboration, and we also dedicate our weekends to photoshoots. Our photographer,  Brennan Savage (@visualsavage), is always a part of the process (major praise to him). Then on the day-to-day, we are always engaging and trying to grow our platform. If you follow us, you’ll see daily news tips from our #FourtressFour, catchy captions from Candice, and of course, stunning graphic work from Tierra.

Rooming, growing, and being in business together with friends is probably a dream many have, but only few are able to execute, gracefully. These four women have inspired many others on their online community through tips, motivation, and openness.

When asked what it is that they ultimately hope to take from the experience of living together and starting a business, the group had this to say:

“Our friendship! Beyond creating a business, these women have made it possible to live in NYC and seamlessly execute a brand that is nothing less than #BlackGirlMagic. Beyond the meetings, the events, the photo shoots, etc…there’s friendship, and we are so grateful for that.”

Continue to get cozy with the girls over at The Fourtress on Instagram here.

Photo Credit: @VisualSavage

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