The Fashion World’s Best Decision: Farren On Self Care, Women, And Staying Authentic

Farren “Fucci”, a name you’ve heard surfacing the fashion industry. When he dropped his surprise Paper Magazine cover of Bella Hadid, the world knew they had to look out for Farren. With his iconic looks on Instagram to the way he stands up for women, Farren was someone we had to chat with.

Farren has had the dream career of every creative director/stylist: working with Rihanna and Bella Hadid. Starting off just posting sets from Polyvore, Farren always knew his path was to be in fashion. “My inspiration comes from how I would dress if I was them [the client]. I work with a lot of beautiful women who people would die to be. I just focus on executing a look but also executing a look that fits the girl I’m dressing. I try to dress everyone different”.

Since we were on the topic of women, we decided to ask why he chose to style women first. Usually, when entering the fashion industry, a lot of people don’t include women in their vision or even know how to dress them. Farren, on the other hand, came into the industry with women on his mind and he praises the liberated woman. The daring woman. “I’m more comfortable when I’m around women. I usually get anxiety and uncomfortable when I’m around men.” We sit and laugh for a bit because, listen, same!

When asked about his advice about staying authentic in the fashion industry, Farren left us with three keys – “Don’t get caught up, know your worth, and stand your ground. A lot of times there’s a lot of people who will have a lot of opinions but it’s you, the artist and your work at the end of the day”. During our conversation, Farren gives us a quick, but not detailed, look into his upcoming collection. We’ve been following his process on social media and from what we saw, let’s just say, We’ll be rocking the new Farren looks very soon.

As far as self care, Farren likes to stay to himself unless he absolutely has to go out. Minimal club and party activities. While the fashion life seems like glitter and gold, events like fashion week become work also. “Keeping a strong foundation of emotional and mental support like with your close friends. Protecting your energy.”

Keep up with Farren on his Instagram!

Amani Allen-Beale

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