Self Taught Creative, Calah Jones Opens Up About Her New Life As An Entrepreneur

This interview was conducted and edited by Xenia Lydia

Today, you woke up to the sun and decided that today will be the day that you will attempt to do that morning routine you’ve been ignoring. Today you’re turning a new leaf and you’re attempting to be more consistent and go to the gym. For the remaining part of the day, you’re on your laptop which consists of emails, shipping orders, customer service, editing, graphic design, and emailing updates for a community you built. If your day looks like this, your day looks a lot like Calah Jones. In fact, it’s exactly like Calah Jones.

Calah Jones is an entrepreneur who decided creating things was what she wanted to wake up and do. She has created a community for women with room to be vulnerable and honest. With the help of her partner, boyfriend, and creative director, Tre Coleman, they have created clothing designs and products for women. Female Consumer Goods 16th Haven’s products and designs are for the everyday women. The community? Oh yeah, that’s called the Girls Club, “Empowering, educating, and elevating females.” explained Calah. “My main goal for 16th Haven is to create a safe space for guidance to mentor.”

For many creators, getting started on a dream is the hardest part. The amount of ‘what if’ questions are limitless, and Calah wasn’t the exception. For Calah, the questions of doubt were specific like are people going to come to it? What are people going to think? Do I have anything to provide to these girls? The challenges got more specific when it came down to accessibility.  “I didn’t go to college, so I constantly have to do research. Everything is self-taught,” said Calah. “I research videos from speakers and other entrepreneurs.”

These doubts may or may not be a familiar feeling. It’s so easy to give up and play it safe, but what if you didn’t? What if you just started with no hesitation? Calah thought back to before this world she created was nothing more than just an idea and said “It started with an idea. I have this idea that’s great and this needs to happen and the only way it could happen is if I put action into it. I didn’t hesitate at all doing it. I just went for it. I didn’t second guess myself. I knew deep down that this is something I need to get done. To help me manifest the idea, creating a website was a great way to do it.”

Just start. Such a simple thing to do and yet can evoke so much fear. It seems easy enough and sometimes it is. Sometimes it’s getting out of your own head. So, what if there was someone who didn’t know how to start, what should they do? Calah had an answer that could be the one thing a person needs to hear, “My only answer for that is to start and figure out your first step. Don’t second guess it, a lot of the time we second guess ourselves when we could just start. Sometimes a business is a mindset thing too, so, just think positively and optimistic.”

No one is ever ready at the start of turning their dreams into reality. It’s scary, exciting, and the epitome of an adrenaline rush. The one thing I’ve learned from Calah Jones is that the only question you should be listening to is “what if all this work pays off?”  It’s all about getting in position for it. Calah shared her biggest key, “Everything I’ve ever wanted has come to me because I’ve spoken it into existence and I put myself in that position. My biggest key is getting in position.” So, what are you waiting for?

Amani Allen-Beale

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